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- Owners Sharon and Andy


Welcome to Hill Country Health Store. Back in 1996, we opened our doors because we saw the need for a community-focused natural health store. In our humble beginnings, it was just the two of us, four-shelves and 3-parking spaces. We now occupy a 2500-sq foot shop with a complete range of retail offerings, including an organic commercial kitchen serving Soups and Smoothies daily. 

               Education is the first prescription


We strive to be knowledgeable and supportive to all of our customers' needs and questions.  Health is a complicated and personal thing and often requires a conversation to sort out the best options available.  Our staff is educated in numerous healing fields and traditions to provide a wide array of information and perspective to someone searching for the right remedy. We believe that education is the first prescription and encourage you to come in with questions - we are happy to share what we know and work with you to find the information you need to make the best choices for your body and health.

What is a Naturopath?

Naturopathy was the earliest known healing system. Before surgery and drugs, food, water and herbs were used by many cultures to address a wide range of problems.  Naturopathy is the all-inclusive of natural therapy, a science of nature and the natural way to cure. Naturopathy looks at the body as a whole and seeks to help bring the body back into balance using nature’s forces of water, air, sunlight, herbs, electricity, magnetism, exercise, rest, and proper diet.

Andy Sembera

Co-Owner, Nutrition

  • Masters in Holistic Nutrition

  • Trained in Quantum Reflex Analysis

  • Offers Nutritional Consultation

  • Certified Herbalist

Sharon Sembera

Co-Owner, Wellness

  • Traditional Naturopath

  • Certified Natural Health Professional

  • Emotion Code Certified

  • Certified Aromatherapy

  • Wellness Coach

  • Certified IN.FORM Coach

  • Certified Herbalist


Shadi Long

  • Herbalist

  • Pharmacy Tech

Josh Nunn
  • Holistic Lifestyle Coach

  • Corective Exercise Specialist

  • Licensed Massage Therapist

  • BS Kinesiology - UT Austin

  • BS Health Sciences - SUNY Downstate Medical Center

HCHS_15 - Copy.jpg

Rayna Halliburton

  • Our Chef. 

  • Trained at the Wigmore Institute

  • Puts Love into every dish

  • Passionate about Health


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